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National Bank Private Wealth 1859
National Bank Private Wealth 1859
National Bank Private Wealth 1859
National Bank Private Wealth 1859
National Bank Private Wealth 1859
present magazine:
An interview with Bryan Adams

In this fourth edition of present magazine, we introduce you to the world of Bryan Adams, an artist with many talents.

You’re a musician and a photographer, do your many forms of artistic expression complement each other? I believe so, I always follow my instincts with all things creative, one usually takes over from the other at exactly the right time.

To read the complete interview and other interesting content, simply download the digital version of the magazine. The app, called Present Magazine, has been designed for iPads and Android tablets, and is available free of charge via the App Store and Google Play.

Private Wealth 1859

Created for individuals and families with substantial financial assets who:

  • wish to free themselves from the burden of managing their wealth on a daily basis;
  • understand the benefits that can be derived by entrusting this task to professionals.

Our Offering

Private Wealth 1859 works in close collaboration with the 3,000 advisors who work in its parent bank's branch network and in its full-service brokerage subsidiary, National Bank Financial. Our business model is designed as a complete, integrated offering, and at its heart is the relationship between you and your Advisor.

Moreover, thanks to its multidisciplinary team of close to 200 professionals, Private Wealth 1859 covers every area of wealth management.


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